Lysa Lash is the fabulous fur fashionista; 4th generation in a distinguished line of purveyors of fine furs, and founder of Lysa Lash  Furs, a Montreal-based fashion brand show-casing luxurious international collection. 

Lysa Lash Furs blend glamour, contemporary high fashion and the family commitment to quality; each of them hand-picked by Lysa herself. 

The web site, is your exclusive glimpse into the Lysa Lash showrooms of Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Chicago, New York, Palm Beach, Connecticut, Southampton, Los Angeles, Miami, Aspen and London where Lysa offers her unique styles to discerning clients at showroom prices. 

Gorgeous, wearable and youthful, the fur garments of Lysa Lash are must-haves for today’s fast-paced, casual chic world.


Lysa’s great-grandfather started Samuel Grossman Furs 85 years ago. The company prided itself on superb craftsmanship. Through their commitment to flawless stitching and matching the finest pelts, Samuel Grossman Furs became known for impeccable quality among luxury retailers and discriminating clients around the world. Lysa Lash continues this tradition of craftsmanship, luxury and fashion.